The GenderTime International Conference involving Universities and Research bodies will be held at the University of Paris, 29-30 September 2016. For Download: Call for papers, Leaflet, Poster.


The aim of the GenderTime project is to identify and implement the best systemic approach to increase the participation and career advancement of women researchers in selected institutions where self-tailored action plans are implemented. Institutions involved in GenderTime are intentionally very different in terms of size, discipline, history, etc. in order to experiment in various situations and to create a synergy among scientific partners. The plans involve activities as recruitment, retention and promotion policies, supporting work-life balance measures, updated management and research standards, supporting policies for dual careers-couple, etc. To guarantee the real implementation of structural change in each Institution a central role has been assumed by the transfer agents.

Work Packages: The work is divided into seven workpackagesWP1 CoordinationWP2 Implementation Process Management, WP3 Monitoring Action PlansWP4 Knowledge TransferWP5 Independant EvaluationWP6 Methodology for structural Change – Designing a toolboxWP7 DisseminationFor more info, please, see the 1st Public Report Summary.