WP7: Dissemination

Leading partner: 


Contact: Valentina Janev


  • to support the other work packages in spreading information about the project and the implementation activities
  • to enhance fruitful comparisons and interchanges between Institutions with different levels of gender-aware approaches and policies
  • to sustain project activities after the end of the project and at the continuation of the projects results and activities, including responsibilities and intellectual property rights
Work Programme:
  • Task 7.1 GenderTime portal establishment and Dissemination strategy definition (PUPIN)
  • Task 7.2 E-collaboration with selected external stakeholders (PUPIN and all partners)
  • Task 7.3 E-collaboration inside the consortium (PUPIN)
  • Task 7.4 General information and dissemination material preparation (PUPIN and all partners)
  • Task 7.5 Publication of promotion materials in all partner languages and organization of local dissemination events (PUPIN and all partners)
    • Task 7.5.1 Publication of promotion materials in partner languages and organization of local seminars, special awareness building events, etc.
    • Task 7.5.2 Collection and reporting of dissemination activities carried out twice during the duration of GenderTime, at the mid-term and at the end of the project.
    • Task 7.5.3 Final international conference with proceedings involving Universities and Research bodies will be held at the University of Paris at the end of the project.
Deliverables (brief description) and month of delivery
  • Task 7.1 Web portal launching, external and intra-consortium e-collaboration tool development (month 6)
  • Task 7.2 Publication of project promotion material (month 6)
  • Task 7.3 Translation of promotion material to partner languages (month 10)
  • Task 7.4 Dissemination activities of partners (including cultural and artistic events) (month 24)
  • Task 7.5 Publication of promotion material and organisation of final conference (month 35)
  • Task 7.6 Dissemination activities of partners: Final report (month 48)
  • Task 7.7 Final Conference Proceedings (month 48) common with WP1