WP2: Implementation Process Management

Leading partner: 


  1. Definition and design of measures to be implemented in each organization.
  2. To update the tailor-made action plans in the participating institutions.
  3. To implement gender equity measures at the participating GenderTime institutions.
  4. To facilitate and consult the implementation process.

Description of work

● Task 1: Definition and design of activities (LoU)

  • 1.1 State of the Art of existing measures
  • 1.2 Comparison of existing measures
  • 1.3 Transferability of existing measures within the consortium organisations.

● Task 2: Implementation of Action Plans (UPEC)

  • 1.1 Updated versions of actions plans in the participating institutions
  • 1.2 Implementation of the tailored actions plans

● Task3: In-process consulting of the implementation of gender equity measures (Tecnalia)

  • 2.1 Development of facilitating tools for ensuring proper implementation
  • 2.2 Providing help to overcome critical situations within the implementation process in cooperation with the respective institution through offering help for intervention


  • D 2.1. Compilation and systematization of Action Plans implemented in GenderTime institutions (Month 6)
  • D 2.2. 1st Periodic progress report on the implementation of Action Plans (Month 18)
  • D 2.3. 2nd Periodic progress report on the implementation of Action Plans (Month 36)

Common deliverable with WP1 :

  • D1.3 Final report (Month 48)