WP6: Methodology for structural Change – Designing a toolbox

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  • To compare and analyze the different GenderTime experiences in order to describe institutional implementation processes depending on national settings, field of research, type of institution, etc.
  • To confront the results to the existing methodologies for structural change
  • To provide a general methodology for structural change as a “toolkit”, available to all institutions in different languages.
  • To test this toolkit during a specific workshop (co-organised with WP4)
Description of work
Task 6.1: Comparative analysis of GenderTime experiences
  • Task 6.1.1: Comparative analysis of implementation processes in context (national settings, field of research, type of institution, etc).
  • Task 6.1.2: Comparative analysis of action plans impact in the institution, using indicators
  • Task 6.1.3: Comparative analysis of factors of success and failure

Task 6.2: To confront GenderTime experiences with other existing methodologies

  • Task 6.2.1: To document existing methodologies
    • Task To document gender equality measures implementation
    • Task To document gender equality indicators
    • Task To document factors for success
  • Task 6.2.2: To identify differences and similarities with GenderTime action plans regarding
    • Task implementation of measures
    • Task indicators
    • Task factors of success and failure

Task 6.3: To design a toolbox for implementing structural change in context (in English)

  • Task 6.3.1: Toolbox for implementation process in context
  • Task 6.3.2: Toolbox for implementing indicators and measuring impact in context
  • Task 6.3.3: Toolbox for self-analysis of success and failures and correcting measures
Task 6.4: To provide the toolbox in 6 different languages
Task 6.5: To test the toolbox during a specific workshop organized with WP4
  • D 6.1: Report on existing documented methodologies, differences and similarities with GenderTime (month 30)
  • D 6.2. Toolbox for implementing structural change in context in English (month 36)
Other deliverables common with WP4:
  • D 4.4 Report on testing and discussions Gender action implementation toolbox in English, French, German, Italian, Serbian and Swedish – Month 40 (with all consortium partners and WP6)
  • D 4.5 Organisation of the knowledge transfer workshop for multipliers as part of the final conference (month 45)