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The University of Padua is known as the second oldest University in Europe, dating back to 1222, where Galileo had been teaching and Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman in the world, gained a University Degree in 1678. Since its foundation, it has been attracting students from all over the world, actually it has 65,000 students. It offers over ninety 1st cycle degree courses, over eighty 2nd cycle degree courses, many specialization degree courses, doctoral courses and schools. In the last years, a multi-disciplinary team of women scientist has developed a research project titled:“Gender issues in the Scientific and Technological Universe: the Leaky Pipe emergency” in collaboration with Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC). To promote the presence of women both among students and scientists, the University of Padua hosted seminars, expositions about Women Scientists, the 3rd Conf. of Women and Science WS’06 [1] and many International Workshops. Besides that the Interdepartmental Research Center Studies on Gender Policies (CIRSPG) is developing researches, scientific debates and useful disseminations in order to activate gender studies in economic, historical, political, legal and social fields of research.

The UNIPD team, coordinated by S. Badaloni of the Dept. of Information Engineering, will be an interdisciplinary team: other Delegates of the Rector, other Departments, specialized Centers and Organisms of Padua University will be involved from time to time for their specific competence on Gender dimension.
Persons involved: 
Silvana Badaloni, Dept. of Information Engineering. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, she earned her degree in Physics. She is teacher of a Course on Artificial Intelligence. Her main interest of research concerns Artificial Intelligence. Since 2004, she is a component of the EOC and, since then she addressed gender studies. She is Vice-President of the Italian Association Women and Science. She is member of the Board of Administration of EPWS, the European Platform of Women Scientists.
Marina De Rossi, Dept. of Education, Delegate of the Rector for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities, President of the EOC. She is Associate Professor in the area of general didactics (Educational Methodologies and Teaching Methods). Her areas of research include: educational methods, work group method, the education for adults.
Alisa Del Re, Associate Professor in Science Policy at the Faculty of Political Sciences. In Padua she teaches Political parties and pressure groups in the EU; Equal Opportunities Politics; Social Policies and Equal Opportunities Politics in the EU. She is the scientific director of CIRSPG at the University of Padua.
Lorenza Perini, Research Fellow at the Department of Historical and Political Studies of Faculty of Political Science, at the University of Padua and PhD student in Contemporary History at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her interests cover women’s citizenship and gender policy’ issues at European and national level from historical point of view. She is member of CIRSPG. A young researcher will be selected to work on the project.
Emilia Restiglian, Dept. of Education, Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the University. She is lecturer in Educational research and her principal interests concern educational assessment and quality assurance at school, university didactics and digital documentation. She actually takes part in a research about the quality of some infant toddlers centres as a measure for worklife balance. 
Anna Maria Manganelli is full professor of Social Psychology at the University of Padova and works in the ​fields of research methodology and social psychology (theories of prejudice and measurement of ‘ modern ’ forms of prejudice and sexism, effects of leadership styles on organizational variables)

Selected publications (in the field of Gender and Science):
  • S.Badaloni, C.A.Drace, O.Gia, M.C.Levorato, F.Vidotto (Eds). (2008) Under- representation of women in Science and Technology, CLEUP, Padova.
  • S.Badaloni, S.Brondi, A.Contarello. (2010) The appeal of innovation: new trends in STEM from a gender point of view. GIEE 2011’ Proc. SENSE PUBLISHERS B.V.In press
  • Del Re A. (2006). La régulation sociale et l'Etat Providence: une lecture de genre des politiques sociales en Italie. In: PARINI L., BALLMER-CAO T-H DURRER S. Régulation sociale et genre. p. 33-49, PARIS: L'Harmattan
  • Perini L. (a cura di) (2010) confini della cittadinanza. Genere, partecipazione politica e vita quotidiana, a cura di A. Del Re, V. Longo, L. Perini, Milano Franco Angeli 2010.