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This Fundación is the largest private Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) group in Spain and one of the leading ones in Europe. It is an applied research centre of international excellence with strong links to the business world,:

  • a staff of about 1,450 people with different background (technical, economical and social), 70% of them with high-qualified degrees and 17% doctors.
  • participation in 35 New Technology-based Firms.
It has a very important participation in European Programmes (Framework Programme, CIP, LIFE, RFCS,). It has collaborated with more than 500 partners being one of the most active Spanish organizations concerning the involvement of Spanish companies (mainly SMEs) in European projects. In the VII Framework Programme (2007-2013 TECNALIA is involved in 209 projects, being the co-ordinator of 46 of them. This provides a total return of 75 M€. So thus, TECNALIA is the first organisation in Spain per participation and return in FP7.
Through its international connections, TECNALIA participates actively in the decision-making centres for European R+D policies.
The research team which will undertake the work in Gender TIME belongs to the Innovation Systems Unit which gives support for the formulation and development of policies and programmes, analysing the causes and consequences of the implementation of different innovation policies/programmes, from both horizontal and vertical perspectives, focusing on innovation systems and new development models. The transfer Agent is Pedro Palominos, member of the executive board, Innovation Systems Unit Director.
Begoña Sánchez: Head of Regional Development Models and Policies at the Innovation Systems Unit, she has a Business Management Programme by I.E. Business School (2008), a Postgraduate in European Studies by the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (1995) and a BSc in Economics and Business (International Economics and Development) by the Universidad del País Vasco (1992). She has worked at the External Economic Relations DG of the European Commission (training) and at the Basque Country Regional Delegation in Brussels being involved in international co-operation and regional development projects. She has also worked in private consultancy firms as project manager of a wide range of projects related to regional development, to the evaluation public policies as well as other research and co-operation projects. She is an expert project manager with a large experience in managing EU Regional Development Programmes and projects. She has both, a theoretical and applied knowledge of European policies and regulations and their impact on regional economies.
Araceli Gómez: Senior Researcher and Quality Coordinator at Innovation Systems Unit. B.Sc in Mathematics by the University of the Basque Country-Spain, 1983. M.S. in Artificial Intelligence, 1990. Quality Systems Auditor by Lloyd's Register, 1993. With more than 25 years of experience in research and technological innovation, she has worked as project manager of a wide range of research projects at regional, national and European level in subjects related with Women and Science, Gender in Research and Equal Opportunities, Information Society, Knowledge Management, Information and Communication Technologies, Software Process Improvement and Artificial Intelligence. She is member of the Management Board of the Spanish Association of Scientific and Technological Women (AMIT). She has organized and has participated in many activities related with gender issues. She has more than twenty publications in technical journals and congresses and has participated in many courses and seminars.
Ezekiela Arrizabalaga: Researcher at the Innovation Systems Unit, she has a Postgraduate in European Studies (Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao 2004) and a B.Sc in Law and Economics by the Deusto University, Bilbao 2003. Her professional career has been closely related to regional development. She has worked in international affairs at the Department of Presidency of the Basque Government, in the field of European Affairs and Cross-Border and Interregional Cooperation. She has also worked on other interregional agencies. Since 2008, she works as researcher in TECNALIA on European projects in the field of Gender issues, innovation and knowledge Management.