Egalité des Chances dans les Etudes et la Profession d’ingénieur en Europe

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Non-profit organization created by men and women willing to commit themselves, outside their professional sphere, to the promotion of women in the technical and scientific fields and in particular to the promotion of women engineers. Aim of the organization: The promotion of equal opportunities in engineering education and careers in France and in Europe through studies, research activities and specific actions (conferences, symposia, publications), support to research activities and junior researchers as well as expert activities in France and in Europe. ECEPIE is particularly committed to working within European or national programmes in order to assess equal opportunities policies implemented by research programmes. In the past years ECEPIE has been an active member of several European Research projects (WOMENG, 5th FP, PROMETEA, 6th FP, HELENA, 7th FP). It is co-organiser of international conferences, and publisher of research documents. ECEPIE is full member of several networks as EPWS and the PROMETEA Network; ECEPIE works in close collaboration with French governmental institutions as CDEFI (Conference of the Heads of the French Engineering Schools), a research team - STEF - in Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, and ESCHIL team in INSA, Lyon. For the present proposal ECEPIE will be in charge of the Coordination.

Persons involved:
Dr Yvonne Pourrat is graduated in Agronomy Engineering and obtained her Doctorate in Plant Physiology (University of Paris VI). She worked in CNRS and at the University of Paris XI (Orsay) as scientific researcher specialist in physiology and biotechnology of plants under biotic stress. She has numerous publications in this field. She serves as expert for international institutions: IICA, UNESCO and EC. She has coordinated EU projects (4th, 5th and 6th FP) and international networks. In the field of the present proposal she has coordinated the project WOMENG: “Creating culture for success of women engineers” (5th FP, including 7 partners) and PROMETEA: “Empowering women engineers in industrial and academic research” (6th FP, including 18 partners). Currently she coordinates the “Prometea Network”, member of EPWS, she work for ECEPIE in the EU project HELENA: “Higher education leading to engineering and scientifical careers” and she is the European Affairs Coordinator of the CDEFI consultative body of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Dr. André Béraud holds a Bachelor of Arts in Lettres modernes, a Master of Arts, a PHD French Literature from the University of Grenoble. He served as Professor Agrégé de Lettres, teaching Humanities to engineers (Human sciences, Ethics) at INSA Lyon since 1987 and as Head of the Department of Humanities at INSA Lyon from 1991 to 1997. He was member of SEFI (Société Européenne pour les Formations d’Ingénieurs) between 1998 and 2001, and member of several of organisation committees for congresses and international conferences. He was scientific coordinator for WOMENG, European project (5th FP) involving seven countries and active researcher in PROMETEA project (6th FP) and HELENA (7th FP). He is a founding member of ECEPIE and is deeply involved in the promotion of women through education and profession. His research is on gender, training of engineer, professional identity.
Main publications:
  • Le Taste mots dans les arbres, Ed. du CRDP, Lyon, 1988
  • Les ingénieurs : identités en questions, Ed. L’Harmattan, Paris, 2000
Articles and participation to collective books
  • La culture générale des ingénieurs, in Télémaque, N° 7-8, 1996 ;
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  • « INDECS : Potentials of Interdisciplinary Courses in Engineering, Information Technology, Natural and Socio-Economic Sciences in a Changing Society. A European research on women and engineering education (2001-2002) » in European Journal of Engineering Education, SEFI, Bruxelles, 2000;
  • “Are women the future of engineering ?” in European Journal of Engineering Education Décembre 2003, Volume 28, Number 4, pages 435-453.
  • A chapter in Ximena Díaz, Lorena Godoy, Antonio Stecher y Juan Pablo Toro (coord.). Santioago, Chili, 2006. Trabajo, identidad y vínculo social. Reflexiones y experiencias en el capitalismo flexible. (Santiago: CEM-UDP)
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