• Designing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs)

How to design GEPs? GEPs as a whole? Scales. Holistic / specific approaches, domains, degrees of autonomy, budgets and resources, integration of the approach. Aims, expected impacts, reasons for designing GEPs. Political aspects.

  • Describing, measuring, evaluating GEPs

Describing actions, classifications and domains, time, scale, degree of accomplishment, measuring, data collection, data reliability, harmonization, units to measure, impacts and evaluation

  • Knowledge transfer and networks around GEPs

How GEPs are spreading? Inside/outside institutions. Positive / negative effects. Resistance / promotion. Networks created by GEPs, in connection with GEPs, interfering with GEPs. Evolution of GEPs through time.

  • Missing data, missing theories, missing explanations, missing connections about GEPs

Integrating GEPs in the larger picture of academic life and science policy.