New Gender Equality Plan

A new Gender Equality Plan including new actions and indicators will come into force in January 2016) at TECNALIA for the next 5 years. The plan incorporates the results and conclusions of the Gender Time project and the project team has participated in the definition of the plan. One of the objectives is to integrate further the gender perspective in the managing boards of the entity.

The entity has a particular casuistry regarding its governance and direction and TECNALIAs´ governance is composed by the main stakeholders of the region (companies and public administration)

In this context, the plan will work in two main areas:

•           The Assembly of Members, the Board and its committees and delegate committees

•           The Directorate of first and second level, as reflected in the internal organization

A task force will be created with the aim of monitoring the governing bodies (rules and processes of access) and to identify barriers to achieve a balance (Only the 26% of the staff members hold a Manager position). Other actions will be the definition of measures to identify and reduce barriers related to gender and access to governance. A responsible person will also be appointed responsible for ensuring balance in governance