Support the cultural and organisational integration Committee towards gender Equality

Tecnalia was born 3 years ago as a merging process of 8 different Research Centres, with different working cultures, salaries, working conditions etc. This working atmosphere affects the workplace. In order to find solutions to this context, in late 2013, a volunteer staff members Committee was created in one of the Divisions of Tecnalia ( Innovation Strategies Division), different form the Company Committee (which represents workers by the election of their representatives from different Unions), in order to change this environment.


The Committee, called Open Space, is acting since the beginning of 2014 and looks for the institutional culture improvement to raise awareness with workers problems and concerns. The Committee is made up of and represents staff and is centred on the working environment affecting the daily working atmosphere, including inclusion. The Committee is composed by the Director of the Division; the Human Resources Responsible and volunteer workers. The Committee meets every moth.


This initiative which started in one of the Divisions has been institutionalized at organization level and adopted also in some other Departments, as it has been considered a good practice to be implemented to take a step forward in the organizational culture and working atmosphere improvement.