Teleworking as a result of work-life balance measures

The test of teleworking was introduced to the technical and administrative staff as a result of work-life balance measures provided for in the Plan of Positive Action of Equal Opportunities Committee. It took one year long (October 2012, October 2013) including the design and the experience for workers for a maximum of 6 months.


Group involved: 15 women workers of the administration in the period of compulsory maternity.


Procedures and times


-          A mixed teleworking was chosen (max 60% of teleworking, 40% compulsory face to face working).

-          Women workers were trained to use the equipment (graphic terminal) and to have a distance work culture by a blended course. A platform for the inclusion of material and continuous monitoring was implemented.

-          Before starting the activity a questionnaire to managers, head of department and office staff was administered to detect knowledge and perceptions about teleworking.

-          Each worker drew up a draft about the activities she could have carried out in teleworking. Times have been adjusted and negotiated with the manager in order to meet her needs and taking into account the needs of the service in which she worked. In addition, all her colleagues (men and women) were informed and involved about the project.

-          Some sheets of self-evaluation and evaluation of the activities were provided. They had to be completed every week or every month, depending on the type of work performed. The evaluation was structured using objectives.