National report of the Cultural Staff Survey


All partners were asked to provide more detailed information on some selected survey questions, which are difficult to interpret for external persons without having organizational background knowledge. 

Methodological Approach: 

The reporting is based on gender-segregated data. It is an excel table where the GenderTime teams are asked to fill out the information concerning the progress of each action/measure. The tool was structured into several boxes including information on the requested data. GenderTime partners were invited to add background knowledge in the remarks section under each box; this for instance could include general remarks and or information to national and/or institutional context. Additionally partners were asked to add their own interpretation of the data.


The table helps to identify delays, postponements, resistance, challenges and hindering factors. It will also be important to identify support and success stories.


The tool is very useful when connected with the Stuff Cultural Survey.

Tool structured into several boxes including general information and demographic data requested.

  • General information covers issues on how information has spread within the organization, the targeted population, the total sample number, the response rate in % and includes feedback (positive/negative) or remarks from the participants concerning the survey
  • Demographic data is structured around gender proportion, and age distribution. Each partner could add its own interpretation of demographic data