It is used to measure to which extent women and men can enjoy the same rights in this area, in particular this domain concentrates on equal access to employment and appropriate working conditions.

It comprises some sub-domains, respectively participation and segregation and quality of work; it is also important to report here that after the updating of 2012, there has been an adjustment in this domain regarding the indicators used in order to have the final score. The adjusted indicators that measure “participation” are duration of working life and participation rates in employment in full-time equivalence, whereas the two indicators of segregation and quality of work have been replaced by one adjusted indicator measuring data belonging to both.

Importantly, when constructing the indicator of “segregation” they left the vertical segregation untouched, taking into consideration only the sectorial one through the measurement of the participation of women and men in the sectors of Education, Human Health and Social work Activities.

This gap is explained through the idea of the will of the creators of the “Gender Equality Index” of avoiding overlaps among indicators: essentially, this area is partly covered in the “Money” domain with data related to the “gender pay gap”.


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