Creating a dynamic effect in implementing a gender equality project or creating a snowball effect

GE Domain addressed:

According to UPEC’ experiences, one of the most effective ways of increasing the participation of other institution departments in gender related-matter is to get involved in their own areas of interest and then find the way to mainstreaming the gender dimension.

The UPEC library network was not the primary focus of the GenderTime Action plan. During the implementation phase, GenderTIME team accepted to help and support the library’s action consisting in organizing an exhibition on the French old literature on education that forms a part of UPEC's heritage, in which the GenderTIME team gains acceptance of the idea to include an exhibition of material on female’s pupils education since the seventeenth century. This first investment led the library team to get a higher interest in gender equality matter and resulted in two additional actions carried out jointly.

The library team sought then advice from the Upec GenderTIME team to provide bibliographic references, which led to a significant purchase of new gender equality books to make available to all UPEC’s staff and students.

The second additional collaborative work was carried out around the online dissemination of Master students research and thesis on gender equality on the UPEC website and on an academic platform (DUMAS platform) managed by the CNRS. The objective is to gather the educational activities in UPEC and in higher education and research in order to value, share and make them visible.