Transfer Agent Interview


The interviews with the transfer agents are structured along these topics, looking into the personal and institutional situation of each organization and defining the impact from their point of view, as well as their attitude towards GenderTime:

  • “What is your position within your institution (Management)? Do you have responsibility for budget and resources?”
  • “What was your motivation to act as a transfer agent in GenderTime? Was it fulfilled so far?”
  • “How much (working) time do you personally invest on gender activities?”
  • “How did the gender activities start at your organization? Since when does an action plan exist? What measures does it comprise?” • ”What are current gender initiatives and aspirations?”
  • “What expectations are raised by the GenderTime project? What impacts do you / does your organization expect?”
  • “What about the GenderTime team and content – did you get input or information?” Can you translate the information to your organization?
  • “How has GenderTime influenced your organization so far?”