A model for building a Gender Equality Index
for academic institutions

UNIPD—Gender Equality INDEX

Book by Silvana Badaloni and Lorenza Perini, Padova University Press, 2016

In this book the authors address the problem of measuring gender equality in Academia with the aim to define an index of gender equality in Academic Institutions. The methodological approach and the statistical model at the basis of the Gender Equality Index were developed at the University of Padua. 

The book describes the methodological approach and the results of testing the approach at the University of Padua during 2015. The approach envisions collecting information on many different aspects of permanent and temporary teaching staff such as on the quality of their work, on their access to funds for research, scientific issues and patents, on their space for research, on their involvement in decision-making, on their quality of work-life balance and on several other issues that can be sensitive from a gender point of view in academia.


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